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Instructional coaching is a journey. Let us help you find your path.

The Simply Coaching Hub is a learning hub that caters to instructional coaches who share the goal of becoming an impactful coach but have different needs. We recognize this and offer the freedom to choose your own path to professional development.


Which option speaks to you?


Hey, Hey, Coaches! I'm Nicole!

Here's a quick reality check...
You were a great classroom teacher. You loved working with your teacher team. You loved sharing ideas and giving feedback.
Coaching was the obvious next move, and you got the job, but then you realized…
You didn’t get the professional development you deserved to be a great coach. The demands and expectations of classroom teachers keep rising, and many teachers don’t know how to deal with it all, and YOU, “the coach,” is just another thing added to the list.
You are alone on an island, stuck between the classroom teacher and administration.
This can create a rough road for you to travel as the instructional coach.
And that’s why I developed the Simply Coaching Hub!
The hub is here to offer the GPS as you travel the road ahead. 

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